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HEPA Europe network

HEPA Europe is a network which works for better health and wellbeing in the WHO European Region through more physical activity for all people. Its mission is to provide a forum for the advancement of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) research, policy and practice across the WHO European region.

HEPA Europe is a WHO/Europe network, consistent with the goals of its programmes on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity as well as on Transport and Health, which include the promotion of physical activity across the life course and in all settings, including sustainable transport.


  • Foster inter-disciplinary communication and knowledge exchange between researchers, practitioners and policymakers
  • Facilitate sharing of experiences and best practice in HEPA promotion
  • Contribute to the development of multi-sectoral and inter-sectoral policies and strategies for HEPA
  • Strengthen collaboration within and between sectors to advance HEPA research, practice and policy
  • Provide capacity building opportunities to researchers, practitioners and policymakers to strengthen the skillset of the HEPA workforce
  • Deliver and support advocacy actions for the creation and maintenance of supportive social, physical, and policy environments for HEPA
  • Provide a strong voice for the HEPA agenda

Guiding principles

  • Focus on population-based approaches for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity using the best available scientific evidence
  • Encouragement of exchange, dissemination and sharing of experience and knowledge
  • Support of cooperation, partnerships and collaboration with other related sectors, networks, and approaches.
  • All activities of HEPA Europe are based on WHO policy statements and on corresponding documents from the European Commission.
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